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With the leading dog trainers of Nashville and Cookeville.

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Take Flight is the Area’s preferred dog training and boarding facility.

Is your dog difficult to take places?

Does it make you nervous to have visitors over?

Is your dog exhibiting anxiety or stress?

Are you afraid your dog is aggressive?

Does your dog listen or come when called?

We are AKC evaluators and Certified Dog Trainers with proven credentials.

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Where will my pet stay?

Your dog stays with us in our home! We do have different set ups in case your dog has not earned enough freedom in our home to be loose all of the time. We do have access to a kennel type environment here, crates, baby gates, and play pens. 

What are your methods?

 Take Flight believes in training the dog in front of you. There is never going to be a “one size fits all” method. We do believe that dog’s are man’s best friend, but they can also make selfish decisions to meet their own needs first and disregard us at times. Many dog’s believe that we are speaking a foreign language when we request behaviors, so it is very important to motivationally teach our dogs the definitions of our words before moving forward.

Are you insured and certified?

Of course! We are firm believers in proving ourselves as trainers within the industry, and have sat a National Exam to become certified, and also compete with our own dogs to stay with the times, and with science! Our insurance covers all of the dogs on the property, and in our vehicles in case of an emergency!


“I’ve been working with Jessica and Chloe for about a month now and they are amazing at what they do! They both have endless knowledge and tips on how to correctly train your dog. Not only are they informative, but also extremely easy to work with and friendly. I couldn’t rave enough about these ladies, neither can Gaara!” – Alexandria

“Jess and her team are wonderful! A week after having our GSD pup home:
Wanted to share with you how we loves his new “place”. Thank you for the time spent with him!”
– Heather

“Jessica has been working with us since our puppy was small she will be very big. She has been patient in training us as much as the dog. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a well behaved dog!!!” – Jade