The Take Flight Team

Certified CPR & Pet First Aid

CPDT-KA Certified Pet Trainers

AKC Evaluators

Over 5,000 dogs trained and counting.

Trainer & Owner, Jess


Jessica has been a trainer in the community that you all know and love for the past 12 years. She was a student, then was mentored and later employed as a Training Director under another local company and maintains a healthy relationship with them.

As a teenager, she was introduced to the 4H dog program, then began competing with Matthew and Christie Faccinto’s dogs in the Protection Sports Association (PSA,) and has assisted in preparing dogs for Highway Patrol. Though she dabbles in other sports for fun, currently Jess is focused on competing with her own two dogs is in IGP/Schutzhund, PSA, AKC Barnhunt, and Obedience. She is mentoring under others to pursue her helper/decoy certification in IGP and PSA. She will also be developing police dogs, and service dogs again in the future.

Jess is an active foster and has assisted in rehabilitating a vast number of dogs for rescues over the years, including Shelly’s Angel’s Saving Strays (SASS), All About Rescues and Fixin’ (AARF), Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Rescue, and the Bull Terrier Rescue Mission. Jess is currently an evaluator and consultant for Blue Ridge, and the Rescue Mission’s more difficult dogs. By working through the hard cases, Jess has dramatically improved their adoption success.

She is the mother of a seven-year-old boy, has a horse, and five active dogs to keep up with! Growing up on a farm, she has gotten to deeply appreciate dogs that are genetically designed to fulfill not only themselves, but us. Jess has also been very focused, and her passion drives her to better herself as not only a dog trainer, but a coach for humans. Her training “toolbox” is always growing, and her techniques have refined into a comprehensive plan that can be structured for each individual dog’s personality. You will find Jess deeply caring and enjoying the journey that you chose to embark on with your dog!

Jess is not only an AKC Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Evaluator. She is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and has passed the Certification for Professional Dog Trainers exam – requiring a minimum of 300 approved hours mentoring, and a comprehensive knowledge assessment test focused on learning theory, client instruction, and husbandry.


• Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Association of Professional Dog Trainers

• AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator American Kennel Club
• American Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
• Association of Pet Dog Training (APDT)

 Working titles earned-

• PSA PDC 2018 – Thunderhawk’s Heavy Artilary (Zook)
• Begleithund Test (BH) 2018 – Thunderhawk’s Heavy Artilary (Zook)
• Begleithund Test (BH) 2013 – Envy
• Therapy Dog International, Certified Team ( Ruth) – 2013
• Midwest Veterinary Conference – February 2019
• Aggression in Dogs: Safety, Defensive Handling & Training- April 2019
• IGP- OB1- High in Trial (Zook) – 2019
• Debbie Zappia Seminar: Competition Obedience – Dec 2018

• Competition Obedience, Tracking & IPO Retrieve – Dec 2016
• IPO Helper Seminar w/ James Laney – Oct 2015
•Qualified for IWPA National Championships-2018
• Jesse Cortez/ Amanda Caldron Working Dog and Helper seminar-2019
•AKC Barnhunt- Novice Title- 2020
*IGP 1: 90-96.5-86- Nov 2021
*BH- Nov 2021
*PA(protection alert) x2 dogs -March 2022
*FO(family obedience title) x2 dogs- High in trial score- March 2022
IGP 2: November 2022. High Obedience Score1

Continuing Education Classes / Webinars –
• Worked Up!- Understand, Assess and Sooth Arousal in Sport Dogs
• Home Along – Treating Separation
• Pet First Aid and CPR Certification Class – American Red Cross
*CBCC Examination Prep Class
• Normal or Not – Common Behavioral Disorders
• Precision Heeling
* Knock Knock, From Chaos to Calm   
*Chaos to Calm 2

Trainer Chloe


Chloe came into our life here at Take Flight, for a reason. She started her journey with us as a client with her sporty lab, Floyd, and is currently being mentored to compete with her Lab and Dutch Shepherd in competitive obedience and tracking under Jessica, business owner.

She is doing an excellent job, and is very dedicated to furthering her training toolbox. Her duties consist of greeting clients for pick up and drop off, making sure that the dogs on the property have their needs met, as well as training and guiding the inboard dogs to success.

Trainer Tommy

Kennel Tech/ Project Manager

When Tommy isn’t traveling for the National Guard, you may find him hanging out here at Take Flight with your pups, or greeting you at the door when you are here to pick up or drop off!

Trainer Cameron

Kennel Technician/Apprentice

Cameron is a student at Cookeville High School, who has big dreams and bigger goals! He enjoys working with animals, and wants to continue his education in dog behavior, and animal husbandry! So far, Cameron fits in really well here!  You may see him walking or bathing dogs, or playing with them in the yard!