Social dogs are not rude.

We see it all the time. People say their dog is social and that they love other dogs and people. When we evaluate them at a lesson, we see that the dog is actually very rude and impulsive. They will drag their owners into another dog or person’s space with zero consideration for the person or dog’s space that they invaded. If they can not reach them when their owner pulls them away, they bark and cry to get the strange dog or person’s attention.

Social dogs are not rude dogs. They are neutral and appropriate in a variety of different environments. Social dogs ignore people and other pets unless they are allowed to say hi. They will lay at your feet at an outdoor restaurant and ignore others that come in to be seated. They do not lunge, pull, bark or cry to say hello to people or their pets. They are present, but collected and taking the environment in and keeping an ear on what their owner asks.

We need more social dogs, and less rude dogs. Help encourage others to pursue training so that their dog becomes more neutral and less stimulated by distractions.

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