What is a dog park dog?

Dog Socialization. What is a dog park dog?

We often get asked, what is a dog park dog? We made you a list!

Socially appropriate– A dog that can read signals and walk away when needed and display appropriate warnings or corrections to other dogs if needed. Cocky or arrogant dogs that try to prove themselves to other dogs are not socially appropriate.

Does not overstimule. When tension rises, does your dog get worked up? Or handle things with a clear head? 70 percent of dogs overstimulate easily. These dogs do not belong in a large group setting off leash.

Impaired dogs. Deaf, blind, or recovering from an injury? These impairments increase the risk of miscommunication with another dog, since they are partially inhibited from seeing or hearing cues from another dog.

Dogs without basic manners. Does your dog jump all over people they meet? Not have a good recall? Well balanced dogs know that impulsive behaviors are not appropriate, and may try to set boundaries with a dog that is out of control. Again, dogs that overstimulate and do not listen, do not belong in a dog park.

Dogs that resource guard do not belong at a dog park. Does your dog guard their toys at home? Herd other dogs or people away from you out of jealousy? These dogs do not belong at a dog park.

Nervous or reactive dogs. Dogs that have a low threshold will not enjoy other dogs being personal and in their space. These dogs would do best having a friend or two back home or in your neighbors yard. They will not be successful in groupos that constantly change.

Dogs that were recently purchased or adopted. If you haven’t had your dog for a few months, you truly do not know them very well. Get to know them in different scenarios before you bring them to a dog park. Just because your dog is social with a dog at home, doesnt mean they are social with all personality types.

Dogs that are not current on vaccinations and dewormer. Dogs shed worms and diseases through their poop, saliva, and respiratory droplets. Some diseases live in the ground forever, putting your dog at risk.

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