Escape Artists and Genetics

Just like humans, dogs can be predisposed to certain behaviors because of their temperament and genetics.

Shiba Inu’s are known for being free spirits, and their personality tends to be a bit cat like. It is super critical to begin training early, especially with house manners. Door bolting is common for a lot of dogs, but most Shiba’s will stop at nothing to take a stroll down the street. Therefore, GPS collars for dogs that are prone to escaping, are high on my recommendation list. These girls hung out with me for a couple of days and sported theirs around the entire time!

In addition to training solid obedience and a GPS collar, prevention is also important! Add an additional barrier in front of your door that the family goes in and out of. Get secure equipment to walk them on, and a secure fence. As a last case scenario, running an underground fence system along the actual fence barrier will prevent them from touching the fence to climb, go under or through it.

Let’s face it! Dogs are not robots, and one day might decide to be a dog no matter how much training you have put in. If training ever fails, and they do try to escape, we have prevention techniques in place.

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