Clarity is For The Dog

Training is never over. Boundaries and Expectations always need to be set.

Dogs are creatures of opportunity, and learn at a very early age to manipulate humans. Their brain operates like a toddler. It is crucial that we begin manipulating their environment and motivators right away to build value in behaviors so that we can begin laying boundaries.

With that said, The definition of a trained dog is very subjective. One of your neighbors may have a dog that is trained. Except it only knows how to go to its bed when asked, and doesn’t pull on the leash. Your other neighbor may have a trained dog that competes to show off its very push button skills and earn official titles. Two different households, with different expectations and that is okay.

So what do these households have in common? Clear expectations for the dog and the owners ability to follow through with commands. Dog training is a lifestyle, if you value results. It is solidifying behaviors in multiple environments, but also knowing you may have to step in and micromanage because your trained pooch may decide to be snotty to see if it works.

Reliability is what makes a dog “trained,” but in order for your dog to continue making great choices, we must continue to mold them. Training is never over if reliable behaviors matter to you. Have you ever heard the phrase, “if you let them take an inch, they will take a mile?” If you request something, you must require it to occur even if that means manipulating their environment to get what you need.

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